This Woman’s Hips Will Leave You in Shock (Photos)

It has always being reiterated humorously on social media that the curvy women have all migrated to South Africa to form a colony and this lady could confirm the hilarious assertion.

A hot South African woman massively endowed with gargantuan hips has graced social media with her mind-controlling features. The mother of one popularly called Princess Smozamo is a plus-size model who is proud of her stature and also attend social gatherings exclusive to chubby women in her locality. Further reports have it that her original name is Confidence and she lives up to it. Confidence is very religious and she claims to be the ‘Princess of Heaven’. She has used her Instagram page of over 2,000 followers to condemn the trend of xenophobia in South Africa. Confidence has over the years grown in ‘confidence’ with her killer hips which could pass for the largest among her pairs.

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