See How Plastic Surgery Addict Died After Suffering From A Seizure During Another Procedure

Report has it that Kristyna Martelli also known as HBD (Human Blow Up Doll), died during her latest plastic surgery procedure.
 Her friend, Amy Anderssen, confirmed the sombre news in the only way an insta-hoe knows how – with an IG post. So, after undergoing a reported 100 operations on her ass alone, is it any wonder this lady died from complications during surgery?

At what point should this kind of repeated surgical enhancement become not only an obvious risk to the patient; but to the doctor’s medical career as well? How is this ok?
How can this woman, who clearly has a fucking body image disorder, get surgery after surgery until she dies and no one stops her?
Unfortunately, it seems no one HAS TO stop her. As long as she had the cash someone would always be there to pump in more filler. See her shocking photos below;

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