Guys, FOUR places you should NEVER touch her during s_ex

Great s_ex is all about spontaneity and exploration—assuming, of course, you have her consent—but there are a few parts of her body you shouldn’t touch willy-nilly. Here are four such spots you’re better off avoiding. Her Cervix If you reach her cervix during s_ex, recognize that something is wrong. Remember, this is the narrow canal that connects the va_gina to the uterus—where babies grow. That isn’t a place you want to go, so don’t knock on the door. For starters, it’s painful for her to have something rammed against her cervix, and it could be a sign that you need to shift for a position with shallower penetration.

But it could also mean that she isn’t warmed up enough. Her ut_erus will actually “lift” upwards when she’s s_exually arou sed, making her v_aginal cavity a few inches deeper than when she isn’t turned on. So don’t skimp on for eplay, and don’t service her c ervix. The Head Of Her Cl1toris This might seem counter intuitive, but the cli_toris—which is full of super sensitive nerve endings—can sometimes feel too intense when it’s stimulated directly. Touching the c_lit0ris head-on, especially if she’s really aroused, can feel too severe. Her Feet Especially if she’s sporting socks. A study from Johns Hopkins University showed that wearing socks in the sack can increase 0_rgasm potential, for both One potential reason: In order to 0r_gasm, women need to be totally relaxed and anxiety-free, and cold feet can interfere with their ability to really get into s_e x. Though we usually recommend knocking her socks off, leave them on this time. men and women. Her Anus Unless you’re all lubed-up, that is. A_nal play can take plenty of warming up, but even when she’s totally aroused and ready to get it on, nothing should go in there without a generous helping of lubricant. The an_al opening is small enough that even a finger can feel uncomfortable. While you’ve got the KY bottle handy, you should probably go ahead and use it for all other acts. A study from the Journal of S_exual Medicine found that women rate their s e_xual satisfaction much higher when lube is involved.

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