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How To Use Your Android Phone As A Microphone For Computer

How To Use Your Android Phone As A Microphone For Computer
Android is a smart device that has lots of excellent features in it and one of the highly valuable features that we are going to discuss right here is the process by which you can use your android device as a system mic in windows PC. If you don’t have the inbuilt mic on your laptop or need a reliable one to chat with your friends then you have a genuine option of using your android mic that is far better than any other external mic. So have a look on complete guide discussed below to proceed.

How To Use Your Android As Computer Microphone

The method is very simple and depends on awindows tool that will pair your device with an android app. After pairing, you can enjoy your phone’s mic in your windows computer

Steps To Setup Android’s Mic Pairing With Windows PC:

Step 1.First of all, in your windows PC, you need to download and install the toolWo Micwith its driver In your windows PC.

Step 2.Now in your android device download the latest version of the app Wo Mic

Step 3.Now launch the app and then click onstart. On the next screen, you have to choose out the way ofconnectivity to pair with your PC You can connect through Bluetooth, Wifi And Usb, Choose The One You Prefer.

Step 4.Under “settings” you will find an option of “Audio Source” Make sure you had selected “Mic” there

Step 5.Now head towards the homepage of the app and there tap on “Start”

Step 6.Now launch the software in your windows PC and there in connectivity select the connectivity type.

Now both the devices will get the pair and now you can use your android Mic in your windows PC.
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