Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Trick to force Ultimatecycler System to pay you N100,000 within 1week Instead of N50,000 2016

Trick That will allow Ultimatecycler System to pay you N100,000 within 1week Instead of N50,000 - How it works!!
By now you dont expect me to start preaching to you that ultimatecycler pays!! for those asking what ultimatecycler is all about, let me quickly Explain it:
Ultimatecyclerwhich has been trending for the past few weeks now pays you N50,000 when you Invest N12,500 only within 1week. Did i just said Invest?

No! The System is not the one you are paying the money to, their work is just to authomatically match (join you together) with someone you can even meet face to face and pay. Cool right?

Now you Need to Activate your account before the system can be able to assign/give you (4) people authomatically to pay you N12,500 each which is = N50,000 and the only person that can activate your account for you to recieve the N50,000 is the person the system matched you with.

How to know who the system matched you with:
After you have succesfully joined ultimatecycler through ourTricks linkat the end of this article, you will see the complete details of the person you where matched with displayed in front of the screen. (It is advisable to use a laptop or a smart phone for this or you can even go to a cyber cafe). After that, Take his/her phone number from the screen and call him/her inother to pay the N12,500 (for activation). After payment, you will ask him/her to imidiately activate your account.

Yes! for him/her to activate your account, you must have paid him/her the N12,500.
The same way you just paid him this N12,500 is the same way the system will ask (4) people to pay you N12,500 Each (and you will also activate their own account) which is = N50,000. Intresting right?
I have made more than N500,000 plus with just N12,500 from this program within 2weeks take it or leave it!!
The secret am about to DROP to you now here on DTECHBAZE.COM ,
First of all, if you have joined ultimatecyler before, you need to Rejoin (i.e open another account) for this trick to work.. But if you havnt Joined Ultimatecycler before, you can go ahead and follow the below process.

I have been using this trick for days and its working fine for me.. I now recieves N100,000 from the system within 3days with 12,500 Instead of the normal N50,000. (i.e the system will be forced to give you 8people to pay you 12,500 each which is = N100,000 with our trick!)
Please and please, If you Dont have N12,500 to activate your account first, stop reading this article right here!!
- Email account
- Phone Number
- Your Bank account Details
- User Name
- Password
- N12,500 ( to actvate)
Are these things Ready with you Now?? If yes,
Step1:you have to Join/rejoin Ultimatecyler by Clicking THE TRICKS LINK HERE please, Dont say it doesnt work if you didnt click onThe tricks linkabove or that i didnt WARNED you. The tricks link above has been activated by DTECHBAZE. programmers to force the system to give you 8people that will pay 12,500 each which is = 100,000 instead of the normal 4people the system gives you which is N50,000
Step2:After you have clicked on the tricks link, you will see where to join Ultimatecycler, click onJOINUltimatecycler on the new page that will be displayed and fill the form with the neccessary requirements i listed above.
Step3:See who the system matched you with, take his/her phone Number and call inother to make your payment.. After he/she has recieved the money, then ask him/her to quickly activate your account.
Note: If you want to speed up the 8people that will pay you N12,500 each within few days, register like 2people under you with your referal link. (to know more about registering people under you, scrow down small to see Our contact). But if you cant register anybody under you, just wait for the system to authomaticaly asign 8people that will pay you the money within 2weeks. Congratulations!!
Please following the above process and after 1week and few days, you didnt get upto 100,000
Rules before you contact the below number;
- Your Ultimatecycler must have been activated by the above procedure.
- We will ask for your registration Name, if it doesnt match with anyone we have on our database, i wunt hesitate to End the call.
Call us On:07039686082
Please and please dont call the above Number if you havent follow the above procedure.
You dnt know What Nigeria is passing through.. Dont just sit down there and wait for money to find you.. People are making it from ultimatecycler believe me!! Goodluck!


  1. My guy take it easy... Na the same money we dy chase.. Lie-lie no dy win race.
    Commenting all the way from GOODIESTECH

  2. So, U Say Am Lieing, So U Are In This Nigeria And U Didn't Hear About Ultimatecycler?
    Well U Can Also Make Ur 50k With The Site, The Site Is Been Updated(To Support Large Traffic) When its back i will holla @ u bro,


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