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Top 7 Free Video Calling Apps for Windows PC

Top 7 Free Video Calling Apps for Windows PC
Video calling is the technique through which anyone can live chat with another person on the video session i.e you send up your live video to another person and the other person sends you his live video and hence makes up the complete conversational chat through that. For making up the video call you need to use up some apps or programs on the Windows PC so that same task could be accomplished because there is o such direct functionality in Windows OS that could help you perform up to the video call. Now there are so many different apps or programs for windows to make up the video calling hence it would become very difficult for you to choose for the best one if you are a beginner. To help you out choose up the best video calling app for the windows PC we have made out this article where we have listed the top 10 video calling apps for windows PC. Just check out for your app from the below article now only!

Top 10 Free Video Calling Apps for Windows PC
Below are the apps that you will surely love to use as using this app you can easily do free video calling. So have a look on all these apps below.

#1 Skype
Free Video Calling Apps for Window PC
This is one of the best online video chat service programs that is very popular throughout the world. The reason being why this piece of artwork is so very popular is that it has some amazing set of features and functions available for the users that help the to carry on their video chat smoothly. There is another benefit of using skype, you would find up most of the people on this network and hence it might be possible that your friends may be also using it up.

#2 ooVoo
Free Video Calling Apps for Window PC
After skype there’s another much popular software made for video calling feature and that is ooVoo. Because of it’s greater quality video coverage and the exceptional set of features this one is just too good for the purpose and hence users could enjoy using it happily. About 12 persons can carry out a group chat at once using up this software and that’s amazing.

#3 Google Hangouts
Free Video Calling Apps for Window PC
This is a popular web-based video calling software which was introduced as a part of the popular Google Hangouts social media platform. Using up the video chat service of Google Hangouts about 10 people can enjoy up to the smooth group video chat at a time. And at last, if you are willing to get up the best and most secure video chatting service then this one is meant for you only.

#4 Facebook Video Chat
Free Video Calling Apps for Window PC
Facebook that is one of the most popular social media networks is also not compromising the functionality of video chat service and hence through this service any FB user can easily video chat with online friends or groups.

#5 Viber
Free Video Calling Apps for Window PC
Like the facebook, this one is also a type of social media network and the software for this service can also be used to do up video chatting with the other added friends or the groups. This software is available for almost every major platform and hence could be used on every device possibly. Just sign up with your mobile number and then start up enjoying the service by adding up the friend’s contacts.

#6 IMO Messenger
Free Video Calling Apps for Window PC
This is another major software that is available for most every platform and hence can be used on any device to get up the benefits of video chatting service with your friends. With it’s easy to use interface this could be the quick solution for the non-tech savvy guys who don’t want to go through various options to start up the new video chat.

#7 FaceTime
Free Video Calling Apps for Window PC
Either you wish to watch up to the video in full-screen mode or you wish to mute up the video while ongoing the video calling on this software, everything is possible and can be done through simple options. To start using up the service just sign up or register using the email and then log in to your account and from there use up the video call option. This will start up the new video chat with your selected friend from the list of added users.

Video calling app for the Windows PC? I guess you might have got it up because all of the apps stated above in this article are the best of the best performers in case of making video calls. Now the only thing that is left behind by you i.e downloading and installing up your app on your PC. Just go and do that now to enjoy up the video calling functionality!

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