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Ten Things To Do Before Rooting Your Android Phone(2016)

ten things to do before rooting android

Here Are Ten Things I Suggest You Should Do Before Rooting Your Android Phone To Avoid Stories That Touch
Let's Go.

#1 Take Complete Backup Of Your Android Data
Rooting Android will have processes like factory resetting and that will delete all your data, so to avoid it you must firstly take the complete backup of your android data.

#2 Enough Battery Before Rooting
Android rooting process will lead to lots of battery consumption and if low battery interrupt the process then your android can be bricked so better is to have enough battery backup before rooting it. And the battery must be charged up to 80%.

#3 Necessary Drivers For Your Android In Your PC
Any rooting tool that works on your PC to root your android will only work perfectly if the respective android’s USB drivers are installed on that PC. So before proceeding for rooting search on the internet for your make of your android.

#4 Better Know About Your Android Model Details
While rooting you will come across need of files like SuperUsersu and much more that is different for every model of android. And if you flash any wrong file then it will damage your android stock ROM and your device will get bricked. So better to know about your android model to get the correct files for it.

#5 Learning how to get into Stock Android Recovery.
Getting into Android Stock Recovery is easy and you can do that with few button combinations like pressing the power key, Volume + and Home button simultaneously. So you should learn how to get into stock Android recovery before you root your device. This is to make sure that if anything wrong happens then you can wipe your phone.

#6 Restore Smartphone’s Firmware
Restoring Smartphone’s firmware is the best thing you can do before rooting because if something went wrong, you will always have the option to go back to how you were before. There were different software available on the internet like Odin etc. The software depends on what phone you have.

#7 Disable Antivirus And Firewall in your phone
Programs like antiviruses and firewall can interrupt the rooting process and that can brick your android smartphone. So better is to turn them off before proceeding with rooting.

#8 Methods For Recovering If Your Device Get Bricked
Before rooting you must know the method to how to unbrick your android device as if your device got brick then your android will only stick to boot animation and it will take the longer time to rush to customer service center to get your device flashed. So better is to know the method to Unbrick your android and that you can search on google and get all the important files before rooting so that you can Fix it by your own.

#9 Choosing Out The best Way To Root
Now proceeding to the main part that is the best way to root your android.

#10 Method To Unroot Android After Rootin
Rooting voids the android warranty and also expose your android for certain security threats and if you want to Unroot your android then you can simply go to YourSuperUser or Kinguser app and then restrict all permissions or your can either flash your stock ROM. Kingo Root offers the feature to Remove Root

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