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How to Use AMIDuOS to Run Android On Windows 10

How to Use AMIDuOS to Run Android On Windows 10
How to Use AMIDuOS to Run Android On Windows 10
The method is quite simple and easier and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide discussed below to proceed.

Steps To Use AMIDuOS to Run Android On Windows 10:
1. First of all, install up to the Android Emulator on your Windows 10AMIDuOSis one such simple and amazing Android emulator which you can install up and here in these steps we will be discussing this one only. Note that this emulator system isn’t free of cost but is available for trial with a limit of 30 days and after that you will need to buy it. There are two versions of AMIDuOS, one runs Android v4.1 on your computer and the other runs Android v5.0. Decide which version you wish to run on your PC and then install that corresponding AMIDuOS. Remember one more thing that you need to keep connected to the Internet because this emulator would need to install some addition packages too even after installation
2. Check whether your PC processor supports the Virtualization technology, if it doesn’t support it then you cannot run up the Android on your Windows 10. Now if you have this technology supported then see from the BIOS that it have been enabled and if it is not then enabled it
How to Use AMIDuOS to Run Android On Windows 10
3. To set up the AMIDuOS features and functions you will need to run up the secondary program installed with it. From the Search Box of your Windows 10, write up duets Configuration Tool and then run this program from the results.Go to the advanced section of the program and then under memory tab increase up to the Amount of RAM allotted to the program by using up the slider. Set up various other features and options that you will require in your Android running on your PC like Camera and GPS aspects etc.
How to Use AMIDuOS to Run Android On Windows 10
4. AMIDuOS lets you make up different folders for the Android so that users may not place their files here and there. To configure that folder access the preceding paragraph and then the Shared Folders section, set up the specified path for your folder and the after finishing click on the Apply button.
How to Use AMIDuOS to Run Android On Windows 10
5. By default, the AMIDuOS have no Google Apps installed inside the Emulator so you would like to install these first. To do that just download up to the package file for all these apps and then locate it from the emulator and run it to install it. After that, you can run that emulator like Android OS on your Computer easily.
That's all.

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