Tuesday, 8 November 2016

How to Turn Off Android Screen with your Fingerprint Scanner

Am back, Let’s have a look on simple guide Turn Off Your Android’s Screen with Your Fingerprint Scanner by which you can easily lock your screen with your fingerprint. So follow the below guide to proceed.

The fingerprint scanner has given up the great ability to interact with the smartphone devices in some different way out, Google’s Pixel phones that are the latest smartphone series from the Google yet to be launched have got up some amazing fingerprint scanner gestures to operate up to the various aspects of the smartphone. Working with some minute things of your device through using up the fingerprint scanner is very much great and also makes it easier and faster enough to transact with the device. Now not all the smartphones are manufactured with those all function support through the fingerprint sensor and hence the users could not enjoy that flexibility! What if you are also having up the Android device with a fingerprint scanner and you wish to add up more and more functionality to it? Yes, this can be done easily no matters if your device does not support that by default! Here in this article, we have written about the method through which the Android’s screen can be easily turned off right from the fingerprint scanner. Just read up the article to get up the method!

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide below to proceed let's go

1. First of all download and install up to the app named “Fingerprint to Sleep” on your android device. You can get this app by google searching fingerprint to sleep.apk

finger print scanner

2. At the first launch of the app on your app, you shall be prompted to enable up to the service of locking screen using the Fingerprint scanner. Just enable it from the option “Activate” and it shall get activated as soon. Now from the main menu inside the app tick mark the option “Enable fingerprint to lock” option

fingerprint scanner2


3. Now you would be able to lock your screen through the fingerprint scanner but the thing is that you could get up your device locked accidently with every single touch you got by mistake on the scanner. To prevent up the issue developers have added some different settings and options inside the app like “Response enrolled fingerprints only” which does up the same corresponding action


finger print scanner3

4. To prevent up the app from being closed in the background by the Android, enable up to the option Foreground service. This would make sure that the app and it’s functionality to lock screen through fingerprint scanner won’t get closed or stopped

5. There is also a root additional functions for the rooted users and there are some more advanced settings for the app that gets unlocked with the root access. Just try up the features in normal mode either but still if you wish to get up more flexibility and control over the app then you could decide to give it root permissions.

And this was the method through which the Android’s ability to turn off the screen right from the fingerprint scanner can be added if it is not provided by default. Note that this method could harm your device and can also void your device’s warranty so be careful about that! Apart from that, you can apply this method to your device and most probably there are chances you won’t harm your device. That's All

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