Thursday, 3 November 2016

How to Speed up an Android Smartphone

how to speed up an android phone

Android smartphones are found almost everywhere, and they range from low to high end smartphones. All of them will slow down with time; this is why it's important to maintain your smartphone's smoothness by following the few easy-to-do steps mentioned in this article.
Note: The path for the settings in the steps might vary depending on your smartphone model and android version. Let's Go

Update your smartphone firmware.The updates fix some bugs, add new features, and other issues that you may not be aware of. Such issues crop up with reasonable frequency, so updating regularly will ensure the optimum performance for your phone.

Reset your Android phone.Resetting erases everything and brings your phone back to its original, "as new" condition. This is a temporary option, because as you use your phone again, it will suffer the same behavior again.

Back up any important information (such as saved passwords in browser) before taking this step.

Check the internal memory space.A low amount of internal memory could be the reason behind any severe lag that your phone is experiencing.
*.Move your media (pictures, mp3 files, videos, and so forth) to the external memory, usually an SD card.

Some low-end and mid-range smartphones might already have low internal memory space, in which case, moving your files to the SD card will not help that much.

Yea Search the Google Play Store for useful applications.Possible applications that may help include:
*.A goodantivirusapplication: Scans your phone for any possible viruses and malwares. These usually slow down your phone.
*.Astartup manager: Allows you to stop number of applications from starting up automatically when the phone boots up.
*.'Juice defender: Gives your phone more battery life by stopping services and applications.
*.Aapp cache cleaner(could be automatic, too): Cleans up some cached data from the internal memory.
*.App2SD: Allows you to move some applications to the SD card (if you have one inserted, and if supported on your phone). This also speeds up the phone.

Uninstall unused applications.

Restart the phone.This is a temporary option, but it works!

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