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How To Merge Pages On Facebook

merge facebook page


Facebook groups and pages to get attention of customers. Facebook pages are rather a tool for brands and businesses to connect to their customers. Therefore there are a lot of pages on Facebook that people like and follow. These pages are managed by admins, who have the right to control the page as well as publish content

Sometimes admins have more than one page. If these pages are for the same purpose, admins would rather want to merge the pages together to engage more audience. In this way, admins can combine the likes and check ins of both pages into a single Facebook page. This decreases management work. Hence, to help admins merge their Facebook pages, we here have everything you need to know about how to merge pages on Facebook. We have provided all the required information and also the simple steps to merge Facebook pages

How To Merge Pages On Facebook. ?
Preparation For Merging Facebook Page.
Facebook merges only those pages that have similar name as well as appear to represent the same thing. Therefore, it is important to make some changes in your pages before merging them. You Ready? Let's Start

1.Change the names of the pages to the same. If same isn’t possible, then make them as similar as possible. For example Dtechbaze and Dtecbaze both are almost similar possible to merge.

2.Also, update the about section with similar information. This probably may be your website, address and description.
Note:You would probably want to merge the page with less likes into the one with more. Therefore, it must be notes that the content of the merged page will completely wiped. So before beginning the process, we rather advice you to download all the important photos and stuff that you need
Part 1:- Steps To Merge Facebook Pages With Similar Name.
Follow these easy steps given below to merge pages on facebook together :
Step 1.Go to the URL : /pages/merge

Step 2.Then, choose the two pages you want to merge.

Step 3.Click on“Merge Pages”.
Hence, now you will end up with a single Facebook page with combined likes as well as check ins.
That's All

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