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How To Create Undeletable & Unrenamable Folder In Windows


This Is A Very Simple Trick All You Have To Do Is Follow This Steps.
Let's Go.

Step 1.First of all, go to Start and then Click on Run. Now typecmd& hit enter (Command Prompt will get opened).

Step 2.Always remember that you cannot create any undeletable & unrenamable folder in yourroot directoryof storage. Which means these folders can’t be created on the drive in which your Windows is being installed. So select the drive by typing D:, E:, F: and then hit enter.

Step 3. Typemd lpt1\and hit enter (md – make directory). Now open the directory and you will see the folder created by name con there. You can store your precious file inside that folder.

Step 4.Now let’s try to delete that folder or rename that folder. Every time you try to do it, Windows will show theerror messagethere. This folder now can’t be deleted and renamable by this way.

How to delete the Unrenamable and Undeletable folder

1. First of all open the Command Prompt.
2.There type D: ( if you have created the folder in D: drive) & hit enter.
3.You have todelete the files insidethe “con” folder in order to delete the folder
4.Now their typerd lpt1\(rd – remove directory)
5.Now again open the directory and the folder will get deletedfrom there. Thats All Drop A Comment If You Find This Article Helpful .

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