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How To Control The Data Usage In Windows 10 2016

How To Control The Data Usage In Windows 10

One of the most exciting features of Windows 10 is it provides users an experience that adjusts smoothly to different device types. Let me tell you Windows 10 is the most data-hungry version of Windows till now. However, there are certain tools to control the volume or usage of data in exchanged with the network, if you are using a limited internet connection. If you own a tablet or a PC connected to a network with an insufficient data plan, there are some techniques and tools with which you can control the consumption of internet.
How To Control The Data Usage In Windows 10

#1 Firstly You Should Know That How Much Data You Are Consuming?
Control The Data Usage In Windows 10
To control how much traffic you have made in your device Windows 10, follow the instructions. open the settings menu (the simplified, not the Control Panel), selectNetwork and Internetand then Data Usage/Network Usageand then click on“Usage Details”
The image that will desiplayed will show a clear chart with which you can know how much data you have consumed with your connected network such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet.

#2 Now Set Up a Metered Connection
This feature, already present in previous versions of Windows, it can set bandwidth usage limit for both Wi-Fi or LAN wired connected internet network. This feature prevents the system to download and uploads large files, such as updates.
To set up a wireless network in use, you just need to visit section underNetwork and Internet Settingsmenu and then selectWi-Fi connectionin the Advanced Options to selectMetered connectionsare the best solution to Windows 10’s bandwidth-hungry nature. People with limited Internet connections could find it very useful.

#3 Limit Data Usage of Background Programs
Control The Data Usage In Windows 10
The new settings will encourage you to optimize the process with low consumption of data from heavy usage, this will make sure you don’t download any third-party app that can exploit your network to stay synchronized.
To disable synchronization of the certain app, you can open the settings menu, go to Privacy and here you have to select the Apps tab in the background. A list of items accompanied by a selector will allow you to choose which apps can access the network to receive updates and notifications.
Control The Data Usage In Windows 10

#4 Save Data While Browsing
Control The Data Usage In Windows 10
You can use Google Chrome extension that will help you save lots of your internet data. Data Saveris the extension that you need to save data as it reduces data usage by using Google servers to optimize pages you visit. You can browse more for less.
If you need some other methods to manage data while browsing through Google chrome browser then we will recommend you to read our article How To Reduce Data Usage in Google Chrome.

Above is all about How To Control The Data Usage In Windows 10. You can follow every step very easily. I hope you like the post. Leave a comment below if you are facing any trouble at any of the methods discussed above. Share this post with your friends too. Peac

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