Monday, 14 November 2016

Facebook wants to make Messenger bots better

Facebook wants to make Messenger bots better
In April, Facebook Followed the footsteps of many of its competitors and launched chat bots for his Messenger Platform.

Since then, more than 34,000 different bots designed for different purposes and by all sorts of businesses. The bots can confirm reservations, accept payments, share information with users and so on. What she could not do, however, was track who they are talking to. So, the entrepreneurs do not understand their customers, unless they acquired from somewhere else.

This is now changing, as Facebook announced that its bots now use the Facebook Analytics system can make.

The collision will be able to keep track of the age, sex, education, language, and the interests of the users are, among other things. Nevertheless, this data will be available to developers flounder only when aggregated, are anonymous statistics. So Messenger users can rest assured that no one will know that they are obsessed with cat videos or they spend their day watching dad jokes. Along with the Facebook Analytics supports bots, Facebook opens its FbStart program Messenger Platform developers and companies. Said target program is to help startup apps and companies build their apps and then expand them

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