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CBN Gov Propose a Tax Bill Pay Tax on Every 3 Minutes Calls You Make

CBN Gov Propose a Tax Bill Pay Tax  on Every 3 Minutes Calls You  Make
Will You Love it When You Pay Tax on Every 3 Minutes Calls You Make?... CBN Gov Propose a Tax Bill
Will you love it if you pay tax after every 3 minutes calls you the caller initiated? Well, I’m guessing your answers have question marks but for CBN governor Godwin Emefiele, it is an alternative source of revenue for the Government.

In his words,“There are several ways we can raise additional revenue to finance the increased expenditure that is needed to engender fast and sustainable growth in the economy,” Emefiele said.
“I think we can consider introducing a negligible telecom surcharge to be entirely borne by the initiator of a call. In order to protect the poor and vulnerable among us, we could structure it to only take effect after the third minute of talk.
“Some analyses have indicated that the government could earn about N100 billion per annum from this alone. Obviously this surcharge will mainly be borne by middle and upper class people since I do not know many poor people who make calls for more than 3 minutes!”
As the initiator of a call, how will you feel if you are taxed on every 3minutes calls and above you make?

Source: The cable

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