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9 Ways To Increase Instagram Followers– 2016

9 Ways To Increase Instagram Followers
Yea,Due to increase in the usage of smaartphones, there has been an effective change in people’s lifestyles. People now stay more in touch with each other and rather want to share more of their lives over social media. So, every smartphone manufacturer is making better and better cameras because people love to click a lot of photos everyday. What people love more is to share these clicked photographs and for that purpose there are many social networking sites and apps available. Instagram is the best photo sharing social network available on the internet. It’s number of active users has been touching the sky since Facebook bought it. Because of the popularity of Instagram, people consider it a platform to share their best photography and therefore gain fame. For this, people are always looking for a way to Increase Instagram Followers.

There are many ways to increase followers on Instagram.
How To Increase Instagram Followers.

1. Use Real Followers For Instagram(androidapp).
Real Followers for Instagram is an app that will help you increase instagram followers very quickly and easily. This app has a simple formula for Likes, Views and Follows. Follow others, then you will get follow back. Like others post, then you will get likes back. View others post, then you will get video views back. This app will guarantee that there is a quick increase in the number of followers on Instagram.

2. Install Get Followers Plus.
Get Followers Plus is an Android app that is aimed to make the star of Instagram. it is very easy to use and its unique techniques are sure to increase Instagram follower quickly and safely. You can also use a shortcut and buy some followers and also sell followers on Instagram using this app.

3. Like Others Photos.
This is one of the best way to mark your presence on Instagram. Liking photos you are interested in will get others who post similar photos to notice you and then they may follow you. You can head to the explore page of Instagram and start by liking photos from the best photos on the page. Then search for“Hashtags”similar to the photos you post and like some more photos. You will surely see many followers in your Instagram account.

4. Post Regularly But Do Not Very Often.
Do not post way too many photos everyday, but make sure you do it regularly so that your followers are interested in your Instagram account and your work. Wait for about 12-15 hours between posts. This is the most efficient gap for average follower on Instagram to stay hooked.

5. Engage In Shoutouts.
A Shoutout is a way to give attention to another account on your Instagram in posts or captions. This way, more people come in contact with your account and you get more followers. It is very beneficial if a famous account gives you shoutout. Many Instagram accounts have received a huge bump in followers after getting a shoutout from a celebrity or a brand. You can either exchange a shoutout favor or pay a famous account to do so.

6. Manage Your Account.
When someone visits your profile, you need to make sure they do not leave without tapping that follow button. Here are some guidelines for you to manage your account properly to gain more followers.
*.Set a Profile Pic related to your account.
*.Write a BIO that exactly describes you and your posts.
*.Make sure you have a theme to all your posts.
*.Do not post a personal photo that is out of the theme on a public account.

7. Post At Proper Timing.
You would never want some of your best work in photography go unnoticed. Therefore, it is recommended that you post photos on Instagram at the time there is the highest number of Instagram users active at that time. This will help you get more likes, comments and more followers.
According to expert researches, the most ideal time to post photos on instagram is 5PM to 6:30PM.

8. Use Relevant Hashtags.
When you post a photo on Instagram, you are free to write your own captions. You can insert hashtags in the caption to link your photo to keywords. Thus, it gets easier for people to search for your photos n reach your profile. Make sure you use relevant hashtags that match and give proper description of the photo you want to post. Using relevant hashtags will increase Instagram followers by a significant number.

9. Use TagsForLikes.
TagsForLikes is a very popular app which you can use to pump up your hashtag game on Instagram. This app monitors all the top like and follow hashtags and gives you an updated list daily. you can copy about 20 popular hashtags together and post them directly as the caption of your Instagram post. This is sure to attract some followers to your Insta account.

NOTE: All The Apps Mentioned Above Can Be Downloaded From Google Play.

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