Sunday, 6 November 2016

5 Best Android Apps For Artists

You Being an artist is a lot of fun. You can choose your medium and most platforms have support for most mediums. It is also one of the few hobbies and jobs out there where you can express yourself how you want. Believe me or not, you can produce art in high quality from your Android devices with these great Android apps for artists

1 Adobe Photoshop Express


Adobe does have a Photoshop option for Android as well. Much like their Lightroom mobile app, the Photoshop app can’t hold a candle to the desktop version. However, it does contain some tools and effects that can enhance images to your liking. The app comes with painting effects, filter brushes, text effects (such as drop shadows), and syncing to the desktop version for heavier editing if need be. It also comes with a bit of Creative Cloud storage (2GB).

2 ArtFlow

art flow

ArtFlow is a paint application that lets you, well, paint. It features a GPU-accelerated paint engine with over 70 brushes and tools, multiple layers, PSD/PNG/JPEG support, NVIDIA DirectStylus support, and many, many more features. It’s a very powerful paint app with a lot of features that you can use for free but you’ll have to pay to use everything. There is also Samsung S-Pen support for those rocking Samsung devices. It’s a lot of fun and worth a shot for painters.

3 Autodesk Sketchbook

sketchbook pro logo

Autodesk is a well-known supplier of creative software and their Sketchbook Pro app is a long time mainstay in the artistic community. It boasts professional grade features including full-screen work spaces, up to 2500% zoom, more than 10 brushes, Dropbox support, and more features are unlockable by creating a (free) SketchBook account. If you pay for premium, you’ll have over 100 brushes, pencils, pens, markers, etc, layers, more advanced settings, and far more extra stuff. It’s about as close to a pro art tool as you can find on Android and it’s worth a shot

4 Infinite Painter

infinite painter

With natural brushes, realistic blending, and an unparalleled toolset, experience the most advanced painting app ever created for mobile

5 Picsart

picsart logo

Loads of photo tools and effects. Drawing tools. Active social network. Highly adjustable filters. Layered effects. Shares to social sites
PicsArt took the Android photo editing and sharing world by storm, and with such a vast array of tools and active social network,

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