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BeautyAndTheBeast (Tecnno Finally Unveiled The Look of The Phantom 6 & Phantom 6+)

There was a lot of drama on Tecno twitter account
yesterday and many fans thought they were
hacked ... Tecno Mobile Nigeria had earlier taken
to Twitter to a poll written about the difficulty
had to perform. But their new way of announcing
their incoming Phantom beast with Hashtag,
#BeautyAndTheBeast. This is one of the most
impressive marketing TECNO, and it's very
commendable. However, they have the beauty and
the beast revealed from the mask, their latest
sample device in the phantom series that will be
launched in Dubai this September 25, 2016.
Many truths surrounding this device, but let's
wait until the day of the launch . I
think you're already prepared to witness the
launch and I can only imagine that the price of
the Phantom device from the third heaven. Nice
marketing strategy Tecno Mobile Nigeria

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